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​Number of rooms: 1Bedroom + 1 Bathrooms + Open Plan Living Area + 1 Garage

Size: 86  sqm

Listing Number:  KEG 4296


This quaint 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom unit is beautifully situated, looking onto a wide open park area. Enjoy the game grazing in front of you as you sit on your verandah wondering which of the numerous activities you are going to part take in for the day.

Amber Valley Retirement Village is an open spaced village located in the kwa-Zulu Natal midlands town of Howick. Designed for you from the day you retire, it consists of all the facilities, security and care you may require in later years.

The development incorporates substantial open areas, which are allocated to the keeping of game. This adds the luxury of game walks and picnic spots within the bounds of Amber Valley. With no internal fences the game is free to move and graze along the many watercourses weaving through the village. The "eco" focus of Amber Valley encourages harmonious living with the surrounding natural environment.



For more information on this property contact Tiffiny Hancock.

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Retire Home to Howick

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