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Amber Lakes

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Comprising only 25 houses, Amber Lakes fills a previously undeveloped wedge of land surrounded by Amber Valley, a string of dams and also houses an expansion to the greater Amber facilities.


Like Amber Valley and Amber Ridge, Amber Lakes emulates the successful look, feel and overall character of its bigger neighbors. Amber Lakes is entirely surrounded by Amber Valley and shares many of the same dams and views. Amber Lakes is still a separate development in its own right, with its own Body Corporate and facilities, but it also has access to many of Amber Valley's, Amber Ridge's and Amber Lee's facilities by arrangement. Amber Lakes has contributed to the Greater Ambers facilities by contributing a chapel and various functions rooms. The large auditorium and assisted living units situated near to the Amber Lakes facilities is Amber Ridge's contribution to the greater Amber facilities. 


Overlooking 4 beautiful dams, with abundant bird-life, this is a very popular development offering prime waterfront sites.


For more information on Amber Valley Retirement Village, please visit their page at


Amber Lakes Location

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