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Amberglen & Amberfield Lifestyle Villages

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Amberglen and Amberfield are both fully established, secure sectional title complexes of around 400 units each. Both are set in approximately 30 hectares of mature, well kept gardens. Amberfield was the first and Amberglen the second of the now renowned Ambers to be built in Howick. Amberglen, to the north of Amberfield,  looks onto a wetland, large dam and the opposite, grassed slopes of St. Johns.

Despite their more modest scales to the newer Ambers, Amberfield and Amberglen host an array of their own, independent facilities: Community Centres, Care Centres, Clinics, Swimming Pools (Amberglen), Libraries, Hair Dressing Salons, Meeting Rooms, among others.

Both estates are surrounded by electric fencing and the perimeters are patrolled by security guards 24 hours a day.

Amberfield, built in 1990, was the first of its kind in South Africa, offering a safe and secure environment for retired people to live. Being so well established, both villages' gardens and parks attract abundant birdlife and pretty environments to allow their residents to live happy and peaceful retired lifestyles.


Amberglen Video:

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