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Debbie Jones has been associated with the Amber Developments since 2000. In 2015 she joined Tiffiny, Amber Property Network,  and the Harcourts family (Harcourts Ambers) as a way to offer her clients the peace of mind, exposure and protection of an internationally recognised agency.

Initially employed as a rental agent under Ian and Rob Taylor, Debbie soon aspired to the position of Amber Valley Sales Agent. Currently Debbie has 15 years overall experience within the Ambers..

Born and raised in Howick, Debbie has experienced first hand the advantages the developments such as the Ambers can provide:  The close knit community with the activities and care facilities - this is what impassions her.

In her own words: “A person has planned and saved their entire lives for this moment. I’m here to make them happy, to let them feel content in knowing that they have made the right - the appropriate decision.”


Debbie has completed her NQF4

Debbie Gurney
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Together with Harcourts Ambers, you couldn't be in better hands.


Debbie is qualified as a Real Estate Agent (NQF Level 4).

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